Saint Boniface Catholic Church

Deacon David Seibert | Parish Life Coordinator

Welcome to St. Boniface Parish. We are a community united in faith.

We are old and we are young. We are filled with traditions and propelled by new ideas. We look forward to our future that is being built on the foundations of our past. We are a Catholic community worshiping together, working together and serving one another.

We are a community because we form the Body of Christ as members of St. Boniface Parish as a part of the larger universal Church. Because we are formed from the former communities of Sacred Heart of Jesus; Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr; and St. Boniface, we recognize how important our common beliefs are. This is the same Faith we would like to share with you as we advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.

If you are a Catholic looking for a community with whom you can share your beliefs, we encourage you to join us. If you are not a Catholic but are interested in learning more about our community and our Faith, we invite you to contact us to discover more.

We are a community united in faith and we would like to have you join us!

Deacon David Seibert
Parish Life Coordinator