Saint Boniface Catholic Church

St. Boniface

Weekend Mass

(St. Boniface)
Sat 4:30 pm, Sun 8:00 am
Sun 10:00 am

Weekday Mass

Tues 8:00 am (St. Boniface)
Wed 8:00 am (Sacred Heart)
Thur 8:00 am (St. Agnes)
Fri 8:00 am (Sacred Heart)
Sat 7:30 am (St. Boniface Grotto)

Holyday Mass

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Welcome to St. Boniface Parish!

Our Mission Statement:

We are a community rooted in our Catholic Tradition and cultural heritage, who looks to the future with hope: serving in times of need and celebrating in times of joy. We are a community dedicated to the life-long Catholic education of our members, diverse, yet united in one faith working to spread the Good News of God's Kingdom.